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       HARO: WINE TOUR      


All-terrain vehicle tour. Half-day excursion. Minimum four persons in a shared trip. Duration: approximately 2 1/2 hours. 35 € per person. 




  • A visit to the vineyards to learn the processes of collecting and processing the grapes.
  • A snack with wine is included.
  • “The Station quarter” in Haro, where the largest concentration of vintage wineries is located.



Rutaventura 4x4 is an active tourism company in La Rioja Alta devoted to offer foreign people a different way of discovering the environment and natural attractions, along with the cultural and social heritage of our area. Our great routes on board a comfortable 4x4 offer you the opportunity of visiting awsome historic villages with their beautiful stone large houses, breathtaking landscapes and places with bear the imprint of centuries of history as well as our vineyards, ranging from avant-garde ones to traditional ones such as the century-old jewels located in the Station Quarter in Haro.


We have ample experience organizing guided tours, and we offer customized attention, always trying to adapt the trips to the customers. 


If you already drive your own 4x4 car, we have customized routes for small groups.


Don’t forget your camera and to wear comfortable clothes and shoes














35 € /  1 PAX

Minimum 4 pax


4 to 6 persons per jeep. For groups, just ask for information.

If you want to book the jeep exclusively to yourself, ask for information.


Active tourism enterprise TA-LR 26 La Rioja government.

Member of ATUDER (Asociación de Empresas de Turismo Deportivo de La Rioja).

Member nº 520 de AUTT (Asociación de Usuarios de Todo Terreno).



telefon.  +34 6766030146